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Easy to Understand License Terms and Usage Rights Without All the Fuzz & Incomprehensible TCs

Are you tired of trying to figure out exactly what the licensee type of your digital product or stock photo is, and how you can use it without the sword of ‘copyright infringement’ hanging over your head?

We feel you! 

As digital service providers and creatives ourselves, we’ve run into the situation where we needed a single photo or digital asset for a project, only to find out after purchasing it that there were so many additional usage Terms & Conditions attached to it that we just didn’t have the time to read through. As often happens, we couldn’t use it. On top, we paid a ridiculous amount for it. Come one, how can a startup or small company afford paying $49 or above for a single photo and not be able to use it for printing? 


That’s why we started the MBS Market. We just got so tired of all the red tape and incomprehensible licensing terms so common on digital asset platforms. On the MBS Market we have clear to understanding licensing terms and usage rights for each type of digital asset. All our creatives are experts and professionals in their field, and have created each product you find on the MBS Market with great care and dedication. 



Professional, quality products and goodies made for a professional like you


At affordable rates to help your business, brand and home based career soar

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Stress Less! All our products are made with ease of use in mind


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I started working with MBS when I needed a book cover design for my newest book, and later discovered the range of planners they offer. I bought one this year. Super practical and awesome planner that helps me keep on track with my publishing company daily tasks and goals.
Amelia C.

Quality Guarantee

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